The NSW Shooting Association continues to assist and promote all shooting sports in NSW to the very best of its capacity and resource.

We are pleased to report that this capacity is considerable and, thanks to the fine work of our subsidiary the NSW Firearms Safety Awareness Council, we have been well for another year of operation.

I want to emphasise this year some of the support projects that are completed by the NSW Shooting Association.

The Association has now disseminated a comprehensive report on the management of lead on shooting ranges. This report provides a user guide for range owners and encourages clubs to act now rather than let a manageable issue become a problem.

The Association continues to look at sustainable amendments to legislation and assists shooters with advice when they have a problem.

The Association stood shoulder to shoulder with its affiliate, the NSW Field and Game Association, as it fought to ensure democratic process on behalf of its members and maintain its existence as an independent discipline.

The Association promoted the sport of shooting at the Royal Easter Show and at regional Shows in Orange and Gunnedah. These promotions are proving their value as a means of attracting new entrants to the sport and dispelling many of the rumours that wrongly exist about the sport.

The review of the Firearms Act has been completed and the review is currently under review. There is a veil of secrecy surrounding the review, nonetheless as the issues become more transparent we will inform you.

Rest assured that if we consider any new laws are likely to disadvantage the sport we will let you know.

On a sad note I have to report that the matter of the Cecil Park International Shooting Complex has not been properly advanced. The government appears unable to put in place a suitable formula for its operation and I am not sure that they are capable of proper consultation on the matter, similar rumours persist about other Olympic sport venues.

Your views continue to be represented at the Australian Shooting Association, the NSW Olympic Council and the NSW Commonwealth Games Association.

I am grateful for your continuing support and hope that the spirit of cooperation continues to unite our sport.

Alex Comino

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