NSW Firearms Regulation Section 78 (3) (c) (iv) requires all clubs to have both mandatory members insurance and mandatory public liability insurance. Public liability insurance does not cover members and must be arranged separately by clubs.

The NSW Shooting Association has negotiated a member insurance package for affiliate members which is based on the NSW Sporting Injuries Scheme.

The insurance comes with the affiliation. The cost of affiliation is $11.00 per annum (including GST) and we will undertake to keep it at that level for as long as possible.


  • personal accident and injury insurance for club members
  • world wide cover
  • comprehensive benefit cover, including death cover, and lump sum payment to a maximum of $176,000 for multiple injuries
  • insurance cover for any competition, training, Practice or other 'activity', including hunting, anywhere in the world approved by the member's club at which at least two members participate (this includes at the member's own club, or at any other club visited by the member or any other location approved by the member's club)
  • minors have full adult cover but get the Members Card at half price
  • benefits are payable in addition to any existing policy regardless of whether or not another policy covers the member
  • a government approved insurer to your official Olympic and Commonwealth Games representative for the sport in NSW

Affiliation and its insurance will cost $11 per year ($5.50 for Minors), but we guarantee that there will be no increase next year.

Members of the Australian Target Shooters Club carry both public liability and member insurance.

Find out about Affiliation:



You may also wish to take advantage of our public liability insurance policy. Speak with the office for details.

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